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Lmia & Work Permit

A key thing to understand is that the LMIA application and the Work Permit application are two separate assessments. The LMIA applicant is always the Canadian employer. So once the LMIA has been approved, the foreign worker can apply for a Work Permit to be able to work in Canada, ideally with the help of a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

No Lmia Required
Open Work Permit

Another type of work permit is the so-called open work permit. Holders of an open Work Permit may work for any employer. Some people can have open Canadian Work Permits, including:

  • A recent graduate from an eligible Canadian study program
  • The spouse/common law partner of a temporary foreign worker working in NOC 0, A or B job or
  • The spouse/common law partner of a student pursuing studies in Canada
  • People approved for a Working Holiday under International Experience Canada

The term open Work Permit means that you can choose and change employers at any time during the validity of your Work Permit. Also, your employment offer must not be supported by an LMIA.

International Experience (Canada)

The easiest way to work in Canada is through International Experience Canada (IEC). To participate, your country of citizenship must have entered into an agreement with Canada that allows you to apply for an IEC Work Permit. The Working Holiday Visa is an open Work Permit. Hence, no LMIA is required, and you can work for any Canadian employer. The Young Professionals visa and the International Co-op (Internship) visas are employer tied, but an LMIA isn’t required.

No Work Permit Required


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