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Many international students choose to study in Canada over other potential destinations, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and France.

A Canada student visa offers certain advantages that other student visas don’t.

Avenue Canada is your best bet when it comes to preparing and applying for a Canada study permit/visa.

Canada Study Permit/Visa – Why Canada?

Quality Education

Canada has one of the best educational systems in the world, encompassing high academic and world-renowned standards. A Canadian credential can take you very far no matter where you end living up long term.

Affordable Education

Education costs vary by program. However, the overall costs of Canadian post-secondary education are less than in the US, Australia and England.

Work While Studying

Full time holders of a Canada study permit/visa are allowed to work on and off campus. You must prove the ability to pay for your full tuition fees, relocation and living expenses for the first year when you apply for a Canada study permit/visa. However, you have the opportunity to take on jobs once you are a student in Canada.

This will give you more Canadian experience, expand your network, and pay for things you may not have had in mind before coming here. You can work 20 hours per week during academic sessions and full time during scheduled breaks and holidays.

Bring Your Family With You

Your spouse/common-law partner is eligible for an open Work Permit and can work full time in Canada for any employer for the entire length of your studies. If you have minor children, they will be able to attend school without having to apply for a Canada study permit/visa.

Post-graduate Work And Immigration

Once you have obtained your Canadian credentials, you and your spouse will be able to apply for an open Work Permit for up to three years.This way, you can make sure to apply for Canadian Permanent Residency whilst gathering your first post-graduate Canadian experience.

Multicultural Society

In 2015, Canada welcomed more than 220 000 foreign students and the numbers are not likely to decline. With English and French being Canada’s official languages, this country offers a multicultural, cosmopolitan experience and it is impossible not to benefit from this cultural blend.


Our Montreal Immigration Consultant is here to answer all your questions regarding your Canadian work permit/visa.

Whether you need help requesting your Canada study permit/visa, aren’t sure what program to choose, or have previously been refused and want to find out the exact reasons why, we’re with you every step of the way.

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