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A spouse visa can obtained from inside and outside of Canada. Canadian Citizens and Canadian Permanent Residents can sponsor their family members to live with them in Canada permanently.

Family Members

In principle, Canada family reunification is possible for the following immediate family members:

Family reunification can also be possible for other family members, depending on the situation. Our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant will help you determine the best strategy for your situation.

Your dependents can’t arrive in Canada before you. They must arrive with you or after you.

The family members that can’t come with you are:

  • your parents
  • grandparents
  • brother or sister
  • uncle or aunt
  • nephew or niece
  • other relatives

You may be able to sponsor them after you immigrate to Canada.

Spouse Visa

Your spouse/common law-partner might even be eligible for an open Work Permit while waiting for their Canadian Permanent Residency, as part of Canada family reunification.
Depending on whether you apply from inside or outside of Canada, different rules apply.

If you live in the province of Quebec and want to sponsor your spouse/common law partner/conjugal partner, the financial requirements also differ.

Sponsoring Parents / Grand – Parents

There is an annual quota for parent/grandparent sponsorship. In 2017, 10 000 people were invited to apply. Also, sponsoring parents or grandparents requires a higher annual income than other sponsorship applications.

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